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Eyelash Mascara  SILK UNLIMITED ROYAL JEWELS Unlimited silk

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Short description, Indications:

Refined 3D effect mascara will give the eyelashes a sensational volume and fantastic lengthening. The innovative brush construction contributes to a thorough separation of the eyelashes as well as to the even distribution of mascara along the entire length. A deep black colour will give a specific emphasis and mysteriousness to the look creating an ideal make-up

NEW LIFE ➤ SILK UNLIMITED LASH MASCARA ROYAL JEWELS ✿ Natural Organic Cosmetics New Life ✿ Eco Composition ✔ Unique Discount System ✿ Order and Become a Partner!

10 ml


Ingredients/INCI - aqua, candelilla cera, carbomer, ethylhexyl palmitate, cetyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, magnesium stearate, squalane, propylparaben, methylparaben, titanium dioxide, and CI 77499


evenly apply mascara along the entire length of the eyelashes from the base to the ends with the light curling movements

Store conditions:

24 months at the temperature from 5 °C to 25 °C


idiosyncrasy of components

Vendor code:

Aqua / Demineralized water

Squalene/Squalene — ensures the intense nourishing and strengthening of the roots of the eyelashes extending their life cycle. It affects the uniform distribution of pigments in cosmetics preserving the colour fastness. Squalene intensely repairs the corneal layer of the skin, stimulates cellular growth and contributes to the penetration of vitamins and trace elements deeper into the skin

Candelilla cera/Candelilla wax — is the natural vegetable wax. It imparts, softness, high plasticity, strength, and colour density to the eyelashes. It improves the quality of a cosmetic product and also well protects from lesions and exogenous factors

Ethylhexyl palmitate/Ethylhexyl palmitate — is a softening substance. It regulates the product thickness

Cetyl alcohol/Cetyl alcohol — improves the permeability of lipid barrier for the active substances. It contributes to the retention of the optimal moisturizing level, softens the skin and exerts the conditioning effect

Glyceryl stearate / Glyceryl stearate — forms a protective film on the surface of the eyelashes preventing loss of moisture. It soothes irritated skin and makes eyelashes soft and silky. Glyceryl stearate contributes to a good distribution of mascara on the lashes without sticking together

Magnesium stearate/Magnesium stearate — is used as the bonding and consistence promoting substance during the manufacturing of the cosmetic products. It improves gliding of a cosmetic product and prevents lump formation.

Titanium dioxide/Titanium dioxide — is an effective UV filter. It improves the density of a cosmetic product.

Carbomer/Carbomer — forms a protective moisturizing film (without stickiness) and regulates viscosity.

Propylparaben, methylparaben/Antiseptic — extends the shelf life of a finished cosmetic product. It has the antifungal and antibacterial effects thanks to which the risk of microbial infestation, capable of causing the product spoilage, in markedly reduced

CI 77499/Mineral pigments — are the colouring matters of natural origin, which ensure the intense black colour

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