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Short description, Indications:

is recommended for activity normalization of both women and men reproductive system and endocrine organs. It’s a phytohormone

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30 ml


Аctive ingredients - rhodiola quadrifida radix

Оther ingredients - aqua, propylenglycolum, glycerolum


7-10 drops 2-3 times a day before meals

Store conditions:

store within 24 months from the manufacturing date in dry, protected from light place and out of reach of children at a temperature not above 25°C and with a relative humidity not higher than 85%. 


individual intolerance to the components

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Rhodiola root – is a phytohormone, used to improve the activity of reproductive system and endocrine organs. Its health effect is to normalize the natural oestrogen and progesterone production in an imbalance caused by a lack of hormones. Rhodiola’s phytoestrogens remove the symptoms of menopause - nervousness, insomnia, mood swings, sweating and headaches, fever sensation and hot flashes, promote proper deposition of adipose tissue, increase skin elasticity and resilience. By stimulating the progesterone production, the rhodiola eliminates mastalgia, intumescence and tumours; bleeding; infertility; menstrual disorders (amenorrhea, anovulatory cycle), face and limbs swelling. Rhodiola is taken in the second phase of menstruation to normalize the hormonal balance with low progesterone levels. Correction of an endocrine profile with rhodiola ensures the proper formation of the endometrium, allows to restore the impregnation ability, makes the uterus ready for embryo implantation, prepares the organism for pregnancy

In men, phytoestrogen increases the sperm fertilization, and also helps to heal prostate adenoma, gently regulating the sex hormones ratio. The rhodiola bioactive substances are able to relieve inflammation, so that eliminates urination pain

Rhodiola extract taking is effective for treatment of female and male infertility, decreased libido, polyps, ovarian cysts, leiomyomas, fibroids, mastopathy, cervical erosion, epididymitis, obstruction of the fallopian tubes, menstrual disorders, cystitis, adrenal cortex disorders

Rhodiola is an excellent prevention of benign tumours, has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and adaptogenic effects

This plant affects at the cellular level, cleanses and rejuvenates the body, restores the diseased systems and organs functions, strengthening their own defences

Rhodiola is used for depression and chronic fatigue treatment. It calms the nervous system, increases mental and physical activity, as well as resistance to infectious diseases, relieves vasospasm

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