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Short description, Indications:

the perfect formula of low-calorie tasty and useful protein shake developed according to the state-of-the-art technologies is meant for everybody who wants to be slim, dynamic and get rid of an excess body weight! Protein-based protein and vitamin complex is saturated, charged with energy and vigour, completely replacing 1 – 2 food intakes or quick meals.

Proteins getting inside the human body are the building material of muscle mass. Protein shake is meant for the persons caring for their health and for those who want to get rid of an excess body weight safely and efficiently. Protein shake formula with the minimum caloric value is a key to a stable result of weight control.

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200 g


Composition per serving of product (20 g): soya protein (1 g), apple pectin (0.58 g), citrus pectin (0.4 g), serum protein (0.4 g), freeze-dried orange (0.2 g), freeze-dried pineapple (0.2 g), freeze-dried raspberries (0.2 g), freeze-dried strawberries (0.2 g), freeze-dried cherries (0.2 g), coconut milk (0.2 g), Vitamin E (2.038 mg), Thiamin (Vitamin B1) (0.356 mg), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) (0.51 mg), Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) (0.486 mg), Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) (3.945 mg), Folic acid (Vitamin B9) (0.102 mg), Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) (2.324 mg), Vitamin C (12.986 mg), Biotin (31.56 µg), Vitamin B4 (6.587 mg), Vitamin B12 (0.43 µg), dried milk (5.6 g), Maltodextrin (9 g), Calcium (51.032 mg), Iron (31.2 µg), Magnesium (4.834 mg), Phosphorus (43.65 mg), Potassium (75.01 mg), Sodium (20.8 mg), Zinc (181.4 µg), Selenium (0.922 µg), Copper (6.2 µg), Manganese (1.8 µg), food flavouring agent (banana, strawberries, citrus, and chocolate), sweetener, xanthan gum, citric acid. Vitamin A (14.45 µg), Betacarotene (3.08 µg), Vitamin D3 (0.028 µg), Vitamin K (2.12 µg).


to blend 20 g (2 tablespoons) with 200 ml of water or skimmed milk. To replace 1 – 2 food intakes or quick meals. Caloric value per serving (20 g): water-based – 70 kcal, milk-based 1.5 % fat content – 160 kcal.

Nutritional (feed) value per 20 g (one serving) of product: Proteins - 5 g, Fats - 2 g, Carbohydrates - 12 g, Food fibres - 1 g

Store conditions:

24 months, at a temperature between +5°С and +25°C


individual intolerance

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Serum protein is a high-quality protein containing all essential amino acids. Its nutritional value is very high. It is quickly digested and absorbed from the intestines. These properties make it one of the best dietary sources of protein and useful addition to a low-calorie diet. The uptake of serum protein reduces appetite, improves metabolism, the muscle mass is retained along with the removal of fat deposits. Serum protein has positive effects on the health: it lowers arterial blood pressure, blood sugar as well as reduces stress and phobia symptoms. Besides, it protects against cancer, reduces hepatitis symptoms, improves immunity and the bone mineral density.

Soya protein contains amino acids being an essential building material for muscle tissue. Soya protein is easily and almost totally digested, lowers the blood cholesterol level and retains calcium in the bones, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, suppresses hunger, prevents bingeing, and bad mood attacks.

Apple pectin cleanses the body from hazardous substances, suppresses hunger, improves the intestinal activity, and controls the blood cholesterol level. Thanks to high content of cellulose, pectin reduces diarrhea-associated inflammation, is helpful in constipations, treats colitis and irritable bowel syndrome. It lowers arterial blood pressure and blood glucose level.

Citrus pectin eliminates such hazardous substances as ions, pesticides, and heavy metals from the body without disturbance of its natural bacteriological balance. It lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels, intensifies the intestinal activity, and protects gastrointestinal mucosa. Citrus pectin promotes the weight loss. It cleans vessels and eliminates atherosclerotic plaques preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Freeze-dried orange contains the large amounts of vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory and restorative effects; calcium and phosphorus strengthen bones and improve the state of the vessels. Magnesium has a favourable effect on the tone of cardiac muscle.

Freeze-dried pineapple contains a great amount of mineral substances (potassium, copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, iodine, and manganese) and B-group vitamins. The main value of the product is the presence of enzyme bromelain promoting easy digestion of proteins and improvement of the digestive process.

Freeze-dried raspberries contain a great amount of vitamins and minerals. They have a slight diuretic action and improve digestion. They are helpful in prevention of edemas and retention of high contractility of muscle fibres.

Freeze-dried strawberries are very useful in anemia, gout, and some diseases of the digestive system. They exert favourable effects on the cardiovascular system of the body. The strawberries are a low-calorie food, which makes for weight loss.

Freeze-dried cherries are very useful for heart, thanks to the presence of coumarin; they reduce blood viscosity, arterial blood pressure, and relieve headaches. They are also useful in anemia due to supplying vitamins B1, B6, C, iron, and magnesium to blood. They are good in disbacteriosis because of killing coliform bacteria and improving intestinal motility.

Maltodextrin is a dietary supplement being widely used in the food industry. When getting inside the body, maltodextrin is easily converted into glucose, rejuvenises after heavy physical exertion and gives a prolonged charge of energy.

Dried milk contains a great amount of mineral substances having a favourable effect on the body. Calcium strengthens the bone tissue. Potassium has a favourable effect on the cardiovascular activity. Vitamin A improves the visual acuity. The presence of vitamin D has the antirachitic effect. Choline is helpful in the improvement of blood cholesterol. Thanks to chlorine, it is possible to get rid of edemas and cleanse the body.

Coconut milk is a low-calorie food recommended in vitamin deficiency, loss of energy, and chronic fatigue. Intake of coconut milk reduces development of some cardiovascular diseases. This product is recommended for persons suffering from depression and nervous disorders. Coconut milk is useful in urological disorders; its intake has positive effect on the brain activity. This is a good eliminant.

Vitamin premix

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. The main active substance of vitamin E is tocopherol. It removes toxins and other hazardous substances from the body as well as prevents formation of carcinogens. It exerts effect on the activity of female reproductive system and is involved in the formation of muscular tissue.

Thiamin (Vitamin B1) improves activity of the digestive, cardiovascular and nervous systems. It stimulates cerebral activity and hematopoiesis also exerting effect on the blood circulation. This vitamin is necessary for athletes and the persons engaged in physical work.

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) is necessary for normal breakdown of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. It converts fats and carbohydrates into the energy. Riboflavin is called the “beauty vitamin” because the skin beauty and youth, its resilience and elasticity depend on its presence.

Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) the main function of this substance lies in the maintenance of amino acid exchange serving for building of proteins. Vitamin B6 is used for treatment of atherosclerosis and diabetes mellitus. Besides, pyridoxine eliminates excess fluid and is helpful in lowering of the arterial blood pressure. It fights against depressions increasing production of serotonin and norepinephrine (antidepressants).

Niacinamide is used for treatment and prevention of avitaminoses. It stimulates the processes of regeneration, blood microcirculation, and cellular renewal. It acts as a protective barrier against ultraviolet rays. It potentiates the protective functions, eliminates edema, and improves the fluid balance.

Folic acid exerts an effect on the cell division, the growth and development of tissues, improves the immune system activity, and maintains the cardiovascular system. Folic acid has a favourable effect on the activity of hematologic system and the functionality of leukocytes. It stabilizes the emotional setting in postpartum period and smoothes down the menopausal disorders.

Pantothenic acid speeds up regeneration and reduces the cellular senescence, prevents the appearance of grey hair, reduces skin laxity and the formation of wrinkles. Pantothenic acid has an effect on the weight and is helpful in maintenance of a slim figure.

Biotin is one of the most essential participants of a carbohydrate metabolism. Just biotin starts a procedure of glucose processing when coming into contact with insulin. Biotin is also involved in protein metabolism being helpful in the uptake of proteins. Biotin improves the activity of the nervous system of the body along with other B-group vitamins. Pantothenic acid (vitamin H) is involved in the breakdown of lipids and promotes fat burning in the body. Vitamin H is classified among the “beauty vitamins” being in charge of the delivery of sulfur atoms to the structure of hair, skin and nails along with the maintenance of healthy appearance.

Vitamin B12 improves hematopoiesis, has an effect on fat metabolism in the liver tissues, optimizes the state of the nervous system, metabolic processes in the body, and lowers the blood cholesterol level. Vitamin B12 is involved in the synthesis of DNA molecules and amino acids having an effect on the fat and carbohydrate processing.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant activating the protective function of the body. It decreases the number of free radicals damaging healthy cells. Vitamin C opposes chronic diseases and cold in the head. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) improves the heart health, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, and lowers the blood cholesterol level. Vitamin C is involved in the synthesis of collagen retarding skin aging process and maintaining its tonicity.

Food flavouring agent improves the smell of ready-to-use product.

Sweetener gives sweetness to ready-to-use product. It is used for improvement of taste.

Xanthan gum is a natural polysaccharide. It is helpful in the preservation of homogeneity of ready-to-use product.

Citric acid is involved in cleaning of the body from the excess salts, harmful toxins, and waste. It has a positive effect on the digestive system and burns carbohydrates.

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