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Short description, Indications:

Tasty, vitaminizing phyto tea has combined the black, green teas and Karkade with an immunomodulatory preparation in which composition enter: echinacea, raspberry, rowanberry fruits, black currant, wild strawberry, sea buckthorn, and other active ingredients, which when being combined with each other, can render an invaluable help for strengthening the immunity and rid of the symptoms of cold. Thanks to a unique property of the Tibetan barberry, a metabolic process improves, which is achieved due to the presence of the large amounts of antioxidants. They accelerate breakdown of fatty cells and provide the body with a store of strengths and energy, thanks to which a person becomes much active and enduring.


45 g


Ingredients : black tea/сaméllia sinénsis nigrum, green tea/сaméllia sinénsis viridi, karkade (hibiscus sabdariffa) petals/hibiscus sabdariffa petalis, raspberry leaf/rubus idaeus folia, rowanberry fruits/sorbi fructus, lime flowers/tilia flos, wild strawberry leaf/fragaria folium, elderflowers/sambuci flos, black currant berries/ribes nigrum fructus, echinacea root/echinaceae radix, althea root/althaeae radix, sea buckthorn fruits/hippophae fructus, tibetan barberry (goji berries)/lycium barbarum fructus.


1 teaspoon cover with boiling water. Let the tea draw for 5-10 minutes and strain. Add honey or sugar as desired.

Store conditions:

3 years from the date of manufacturing. Store in a hermetically closed container in dry place, at 70% relative air humidity at most.


idiosyncrasy of components

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Сaméllia sinénsis nigrum/Black tea — exerts the antipyretic effect in cold and influenza. It contains many useful substances having a positive impact on the body. Vitamin C boosts immunity, vitamin P enhances body resistance to diseases, thiamin positively affects the general tonus. The tea contains bioflavonoids, which are involved in protection of the cells from free radical attack as well as retard aging process.

Сaméllia sinénsis viridi/Green tea — contains many useful substances. The most famous property of the green tea is the antioxidant ability. Thanks to it, the tea affects the entire body. Regular consumption improves skin health and general state. In cold-related diseases and general feeling of being unwell, the green tea helps to remove toxins and boosts metabolism. The tea also has an anti-inflammatory property and relieves the course of a disease. The green tea gives strength, fights lack of energy and depression as well as reduces drowsiness.

Hibiscus sabdariffa petalis/Karkade (Hibiscus sabdariffa) petals — contains vitamins and trace elements useful for the body. Karkade has the soothing and antispasmodic effects, normalizes metabolism, contributes to strengthening of the walls of the vessels, helps to avoid avitaminosis, protects from stresses and enhances mood. Karkade contains acids useful for the body, which help to prevent formation of cholesterol plaques and protect from cold-related diseases.

Rubus idaeus folia/Raspberry leaf — is an effective agent for the treatment of cold. Raspberry leaves have the antipyretic, sudorific, anti-inflammatory, and expectorative properties.

Sorbi fructus/Rowanberry fruits — are used as a prophylactic remedy for the states accompanied with vitamin deficiency. Rowanberry fruits strengthen immunity.

Tilia flos/Lime flowers — have the sudorific and bactericidal properties contribute to reducing inflammation, fever heat and febrile states. Lime flowers are a powerful immunomodulator.

Fragaria folium/Wild strawberry leaf— is a multivitamin agent, which is helpful for metabolic disorder, diabetes and avitaminosis. As a prophylactic remedy, it is a general tonic. Wild strawberry leaf has the sudorific and diuretic effects.

Sambuci flos/Elderflowers — has the sudorific and anti-inflammatory properties, exerts an expectorative effect. It is widely used for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system and other inflammatory diseases.

Ribes nigrum fructus/Black currant berries — have the antiviral, anti-inflammatory, sudorific and general strengthening effects on the body. Thanks to a high content of vitamin C, black currant boosts immunity and body resistance to different diseases, contributes to the improvement of state in bronchitis, quinsy, reduces the temperature and recovers strength after long-lasting diseases. Echinaceae radix/Echinacea root — is an effective immunomodulatory and аnti-cold agent, for this very reason, echinacea is used for the treatment of quinsy, acute respiratory diseases and influenza. Echinacea acts as a natural antibiotic. It removes heavy metals and radionuclides from the body. Echinacea is capable to eliminate viruses, malignant bacteria and fungi.

Аlthaeae radix/Althea root — has an enveloping effect, covers inflamed mucous membranes and protects them from irritation in acute respiratory diseases.

Hippophae fructus/Sea buckthorn fruits — are used as a multivitamin and bactericidal agent. It strengthens immunity and is used as an expectorant for the treatment of cold-related diseases.

Lycium barbarum fructus/Tibetan barberry berries (goji berries) — contribute to the improvement of metabolism and blood circulation, reduce cholesterol level, and accelerate breakdown of fatty cells. The active berry enzymes repair liver cells, improve its function and contribute to the bile outflow. Goji mineral compounds raise hemoglobin level. Tibetan barberry decreases arterial pressure, lowers the blood sugar concentration relieving the course of diabetes. The berries rid of toxins, wastes, radionuclides, and salts.

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