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Herbal teas and herbal gatherings New Life

Herbal preparations have a beneficial effect on the body. Therefore, it is worth supplementing your diet with healthy drinks. Herbal teas from New Life will help. They are distinguished by a balanced composition. At the same time, herbal tea on herbs for weight loss will not cause discomfort. After all, such drinks attract a rich taste and aroma.

Modern herbal teas from medicinal herbs have a directed action. There are fees to improve the work of the digestive tract, liver, central nervous system, cardiovascular system and special anti-colds. Having decided to buy phyto-crops and herbal tea, you will appreciate such positive effects:

  • safety and lack of toxic compounds is an eco-product;
  • therapeutic and prophylactic effect on the selected zone and the body as a whole - there is a gastrointestinal herbal tea, sedative, tonic, for the heart and lungs, etc .;
  • pleasant taste and aroma;
  • stimulation of mental activity without undue stress on the nervous system - teas, tea drinks, herbal medicines calm the central nervous system and tone up brain activity;
  • natural composition and complete absence of synthetic impurities;
  • body cleansing - phytotea for weight loss will help to remove toxins;
  • accessibility - in-kind fees attract at a reasonable price.

Also organic herbal teas and herbal remedies for the liver, central nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, heart and increase immunity from the store "New Life" is distinguished by proven effectiveness. All products have passed international certification according to ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.

Herbal teas New Life

This is a whole group of therapeutic drinks and dietary supplements. High-quality herbal teas from colds mainly contain medicinal herbs. They are also complemented by a delicate mix of black and green tea with the addition of hibiscus. You can use herbal teas for pancreatitis, gastritis, stomach ulcers, fatigue, stress, etc.

The catalog of our online store contains such herbal teas from herbs:

  1. "For the gastrointestinal tract." This is a herbal tea for the stomach and intestines. It relieves inflammation, stabilizes enzymatic activity and restores healthy microflora. Gastric herbal tea contains fennel, sage, the color of arnica and goji berries. They normalize intestinal motility and prevent bloating. Such a herbal tea is also suitable for pancreas.
  2. "For the nervous system, heart and blood vessels." It is a soothing herbal tea with a comprehensive action. Reducing the effects of stress normalizes cardiac parameters. Such a herbal tea is indispensable for the heart. Also included is lemon balm, relaxing the central nervous system. Goji berries and motherwort make cardiovascular herbal tea the most useful. They tone and strengthen blood vessels, normalizing blood circulation.
  3. Herbal tea "Anti Cold". It has a tonic, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effect. This herbal tea is used to increase immunity, which is important in the flu season and SARS. It contains echinacea, raspberries, mountain ash, black currants, strawberries and sea buckthorn. This herbal tea is useful for colds.

Important: herbal supplements have a positive effect on overall health. So, herbal tea to improve digestion helps to reduce weight and normalizes the condition of the skin. This is due to deep cleansing of the body. Even standard herbal tea with gastritis has a beneficial effect on the pancreas and liver. After all, it normalizes enzymatic activity. By choosing a soothing herbal tea, you will notice improvements in heart function. After all, it tones up blood vessels and eliminates arrhythmia. We also apply such a phytotea from cough.

Herbal gatherings New Life

Like herbal teas from medicinal herbs, they have a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body. But how do they differ? Everything is simple! Phyto-collection consists exclusively of herbs without the addition of tea. This approach eliminates additional stimulation of the nervous system.

In our catalog you can not only buy herbal tea for the pancreas, but also choose high-quality phyto collections:

  1. "Anti Cold" It has the same effect as herbal tea for immunity. By activating the body's defenses, the drink stimulates expectoration and relieving inflammation. Therefore, it can also be used as bronchodilatory herbal tea.
  2. "For the nervous system, heart and blood vessels." Herbal sedative normalizes sleep, helps get rid of depression and reduces the negative effects of stress. It also stabilizes the work of the heart. Like soothing herbal teas, herbal tea tones the walls of blood vessels, which is beneficial for the whole body. The composition includes Tibetan barberry, which reduces appetite. Therefore, we apply such phyto-collection for weight loss.
  3. "For the gastrointestinal tract." Herbal collection for the intestine contains milk thistle, fennel, flax seeds, and yarrow. These components improve peristalsis, eliminate inflammation and relieve cramping. Such a phyto-collection for the pancreas is suitable. After all, it normalizes enzymatic activity and microflora.

High-quality and safe phyto-collection for the stomach, as well as herbal teas from cough and colds, can be bought at New Life. It is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly products that help maintain the health of your body.

Buy herbal teas in the official online store New Life

Certified dietary supplements and natural cosmetics are available in our catalog. Having decided to buy herbal teas from the New Life company, you get such advantages:

  • loyal value of products;
  • high quality and safety - the catalog contains only natural herbal teas from herbs for the liver, heart, central nervous system, gastrointestinal tract and immune system;
  • delivery;
  • flexible payment system - you can pay for herbal tea from bronchitis in cash or bank transfer;
  • development - we offer tools for creating your own MLM business;
  • loyalty programs - when ordering herbal teas for gastritis, you get cashback and pleasant bonuses.

Do you want to improve your health and improve your body? So, it's time to buy pancreatic herbal tea, as well as herbal remedies for the immune system, gastrointestinal tract and central nervous system. With New Life products, you are always confident in quality.