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Przepis Gór Tybetańskich 60 tabletek w słoiczku RECIPE OF THE TIBETAN MOUNTAINS 60 TABLETS/JAR




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Krótki opis, Świadectwo:

is taken to increase immune protection. It lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, relieves symptoms of chronic fatigue. It helps normalize blood pressure, and also protects organism against both benign and malignant tumours, hepatitis and many other dangerous diseases


tablets 60 pieces 500mg


Аctive ingredients - maitake extract, shiitake extract, reishi extract, agastache rugosa extract

Оther ingredients - microcristalline cellulose, lactose, hydrated silica, calcium stearate


1 tablet 2 times a day, 10 minutes before a meal

Warunki przechowywania:

store for 3 years from the date of manufacture out of reach of children, in a dry place, protected from sunlight, at a temperature of 0ºC to 25ºC and relative humidity not exceeding 75%


individual intolerance to the components

Kod kreskowy:

Maitake extract — is an excellent source of minerals, as well as vitamins C, D and B. It increases the organism resistance to various infections and seasonal viral diseases. This extract helps regulate glycaemic level, reducing the risk of side effects from diabetes mellitus. Maitake adjusts the adrenal glands and thyroid gland activity. It stabilizes blood pressure. The healthful substances contained in maitake suppress both benign (polyps, cysts, papillary tumours, fibroids, etc.) and malignant tumours. They block the circulatory system in malignant cells, change their genetic material, resulting in their whole death, while civilized cells are not injured

Shiitake extract — has an immunostimulatory effect. The polysaccharides, being a part of this mushroom’s composition, have a positive effect on the whole-body interferon synthesis, which improves immunity, increases resistance to infectious diseases. These mushrooms contain substances that can lower blood cholesterol, and they also prevent blood clots. Therefore, the regular use of shiitake extract reduces the risk of hypertension, heart attacks and strokes. In addition, shiitake mushrooms help to normalize metabolism, have a beneficial effect on the digestive system, promote the active lipolysis

Reishi extract — strengthens the immune system and reduces the tumours growth whatever be their origins. It helps to improve haematological parameters, including oxygen saturation. It aids to normalize blood pressure, lower cholesterol, prevents blood clots. Reishi promotes the mobilization of organism resources necessary in intense physical and psychological stress, as well as during seasonal epidemics

Lophantus Tibetan extract - is a strong immunomodulator, which helps to drastically strengthen and increase the body defences. It promotes recharging the batteries after nervous disorders, strokes and hypertensive crises; during the inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as liver and urinary tract diseases; in the therapy of ARI, bronchitis, pneumonia and bronchial asthma

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