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SORBEFLOR 180 tabletek w słoiczku SORBEFLOR 180 TABLETS/JAR




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Krótki opis, Świadectwo:

is taken for evacuation of bowels in case of poisoning, intoxication, diarrhoea. It covers the walls of the intestinal mucosa, has the ability to adsorb toxins in the gastrointestinal tract


500 mg tablets 180 pieces


Active ingredients - microcristalline cellulose, hydrated silica, chitosan, citrus pectin

Other ingredients - lactose, calcium stearate


1 tablet 2 times a day, 10 minutes before a meal

Warunki przechowywania:

store for 3 years from the date of manufacture out of reach of children, in a dry place, protected from sunlight, at a temperature of 0ºC to +25ºC and relative humidity not exceeding 75%


individual intolerance to the components

Kod kreskowy:

Microcrystalline cellulose — binds and extracts endogenous and exogenous toxic substances of various origins, including pathogenic bacteria and bacterial toxins, antigens, allergens, drugs and poisons, heavy metal salts, radionuclides, and also some metabolic products, such as excess bilirubin, urea, cholesterol and lipid complexes, alcohol breakdown products and metabolites responsible for the development of endogenous toxicosis

Silicon dioxide — has a high sorption capacity against enzymes, antigens, antibodies, endogenous and exogenous toxins, tissue breakdown products, the others protein substances, microorganisms, food allergens, drugs, poisons, water. When it’s applied topically it prevents the progression of necrotic changes. Due to its high dispersion, it provides the largest possible sorption surface, and therefore high speed and efficiency

Chitosan — helps to improve the digestive tract peristalsis; combining with moisture in the intestine, it acts as a powerful sorbent and extracts toxic substances, preventing the lipid absorption. It increases immunity by regulating the tissues pH and keeping it in a weakly alkaline state. It’s known that ​​the blood lymphocytes responsible for the high immunity become active at such pH values. Chitosan also improves the drainage of the lymphatic system, which is the main place to accumulate the toxic substances and is the most difficult to detoxify

Citrus pectin — activates intestinal motility and peristalsis, while slowing down the rate of food absorption, reduces cholesterol absorption, provides chemical and physical purification of small intestinal villi, improving the absorption of biologically active substances

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