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Short description, Indications:

a splendid pencil lipstick ensures an irreproachable intense colour, nice shining, and velvet effect. Silky, cream-coloured texture is uniformly distributed over the surface forming a delicate coat being excellently preserved for a long time neither spreading nor slurring.

The lipstick may be used in the function of a pencil as a contour liner and may be applied on the entire surface of the lips intensifying the women’s natural attractiveness. You will easily find “yours” shade in the range of shades, and for sure more than one colour for any mood and case!

NEW LIFE ➤ PENCIL LIPSTICK (COLOUR 02) ✿ Natural Organic Cosmetics New Life ✿ Eco Composition ✔ Unique Discount System ✿ Order and Become a Partner!

3.25 g


mineral oil, isopropyl palmitate, bee wax, lanolin, microcrystalline wax, ozokerite wax, cetyl alcohol, BHA, antiseptic, flavouring agent, and mineral pigment.


apply pencil lipstick on the lips and spread uniformly

Store conditions:

24 months, at a temperature between +5°С and +25°С


individual intolerance of components

Vendor code:

Bee wax — prevents dehydration of delicate and fine skin of the lips.

Lanolin — promotes proper moisture, softening and nourishment of the skin. It protects skin against the environmental hazards. Lanolin promotes healing of the wounds and crevices as fast as possible preventing their formation at that.

Mineral oil — ideally softens and moisturizes skin making it resilient and velvet. While moisturizing, the oil forms an invisible thin waterproof film on the skin making it possible to lock moisture inside it.

Ozokerite wax — is a mineral wax. It improves tone and the overall state of the skin. It increases nourishing and moisturizing properties of a cosmetic product.

Microcrystalline wax — ensures stability of a cosmetic product.

Isopropyl palmitate — is an effective moisturizer, it eliminates dryness imparting softness and elasticity to the skin.

Cetyl alcohol — is a wonderful moisturizing agent protecting epidermis against the excessive drying.

Mineral pigment — gives the lips a scintillating shade and appealing, thus making them fascinating and endlessly attractive.

Antiseptic — prolongs the shelf life of finished cosmetic product. The antiseptic has the antifungal and antibacterial effects, thanks to which the risk of microbial contamination capable to cause product damage is noticeably reduced.

Flavouring agent — improves the odour of finished product.

BHA — is an antioxidant stabilizer. It protects skin cells against free radicals.

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