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Elixirs New Life

The rate of assimilation of dietary supplements depends on the form of release. Therefore, it is worth choosing elixirs New Life. These are natural complexes of herbal extracts with a high concentration of beneficial components. They are completely safe and highly effective.

Liquid dietary supplements or New Life elixirs differ from tablet and powder dietary supplements in such features:

  • quick action - New Life elixirs are well absorbed by the body;
  • increased efficiency - liquid dietary supplements are 4 times more concentrated than powder and tablet analogs;
  • economical consumption - the dosage of liquid herbal preparations for treatment and prevention is 7-10 drops 2-3 times / day, depending on the purpose of use.

Natural elixirs of New Life delicately act, regulating and stabilizing the body. Such products are safe and concentrated. They can be used as organic vitamins to improve health.

Liquid dietary supplements of Ukrainian production New Life

Our organization has developed a proprietary extraction methodology. We get the maximum number of useful extracts from medicinal herbs and plants. This is the main advantage of products from the company New Life. Elixir cleansing and other New Life products have the following properties:

  • safety - natural complexes of herbal extracts are obtained from plants collected in green regions;
  • guaranteed quality - it is confirmed by international certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 22000;
  • natural composition - food additives, elixirs and other products from the New Life brand are created from eco-ingredients mainly of plant origin.

If you want to buy dietary supplements with confidence in quality, it is worth choosing products from the New Life company store. The elixir of this brand is absolutely safe and has proven effectiveness. This is a simple solution for daily health care.

The most popular among customers are such liquid nutritional supplements:

  1. Elixir for the nervous system "New Life". A formula with extracts of motherwort, lemon balm, hawthorn, valerian, thyme, lavender and oregano relieves stress and stabilizes sleep. Supplements are suitable for women and the stronger sex.
  2. Elixir for vessels "New Life". The composition is dominated by extracts from chokeberry, lily of the valley, eleutherococcus, hawthorn and other herbs. This is useful for the products of the company "New Life". Elixir for blood vessels normalize pressure. Also, with regular admission, it improves the general condition of the body.
  3. For the pancreas. Such liquid dietary supplements contribute to the normalization of fermentation, as well as reduce the likelihood of developing inflammatory processes and diabetes. Supplements suitable for men and lovely ladies.
  4. Elixir antiparasitic "New Life". Extracts of orange, pomegranate, buckthorn, garlic and other plants help create an unfavorable environment for the life of helminths. I am pleased with the safety of this drug from "New Life". Antiparasitic elixir leads to an acceleration of intestinal motility and normalization of digestion.
  5. Cleansing Elixir. The product removes toxins and toxins, as well as other products from New Life. Elixir for women provides a delicate weight loss.
  6. Elixir for joints. Arthritis, arthrosis and osteochondrosis are often accompanied by swelling and pain. Liquid dietary supplements "New Life" will get rid of discomfort. Elixir for joints contains extracts of currant, laurel, nettle, lemon balm, dandelion and other medicinal plants. It eliminates inflammation and pain.
  7. Elixir for the kidneys. The drug is dominated by elderberry, corn, horsetail, cornflower, knotweed, bearberry and calendula. They strengthen the urinary system and help cleanse it. Therefore, it is worth choosing New Life products. Elixir for kidneys is used for prevention.
  8. Elixir for men. A special composition with ginger, calamus, parsley, St. John's wort and other herbs strengthens the genitourinary system. Like other products of the New Life brand, the elixir for men is aimed at prevention. With regular use, the likelihood of developing prostatitis, cystitis and impotence is reduced.
  9. Elixir for immunity. Rhodiola, coneflower, licorice, St. John's wort, rosehip and mountain ash have an immunomodulating effect. This effect is characteristic of many products of the New Life brand. Elixir for immunity is indispensable in the offseason. It also helps to get rid of anemia, fatigue and immunodeficiency.
  10. Elixir for vision "New Life". It is saturated with extracts of blueberries, carrots, eyebright, nettles, ginger, mountain ash and viburnum. The tool has a beneficial effect not only on vision, but also on the body as a whole, like other dietary supplements from New Life. Elixir for vision is used to strengthen the optic nerve. It helps prevent and treat myopia, hyperopia and cataracts.

In the catalog of the online store you can easily pick up organic preparations from medicinal extracts.

Natural Herbal Elixirs - Liquid Nutritional Supplements

To get the desired effect, dietary supplements should be taken regularly, 2-3 times a day. All liquid bio-supplements, including Shiitake Elixir “New Life”, must be consumed before meals. Take a spoonful of purified water and add 7-10 drops of the drug. Drink the contents. This method of admission improves the absorption of beneficial components by the body.

Buy elixirs NEW LIFE in the official online store

We care about the health and safety of our customers, offering only natural products. The quality and authenticity of the composition is confirmed by certificates for ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 systems. It is possible to buy dietary supplements in drops on us on favorable conditions:

  • Settlement in cash or on a bank card;
  • the ability to create an MLM business;
  • delivery;
  • collection of plants for extraction in ecologically clean regions;
  • affordable prices.

New Life products are designed with your health in mind.