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Dietary Supplements for the Genitourinary System

The kidneys perform the function of secreting and removing toxins. They filter the blood by eliminating urea, uric acid, and creatine. To reduce the load, it is worth taking dietary supplements for the genitourinary system, kidneys, stones from NEW LIFE.

If the internal organs are not helped, alarming symptoms may appear:

  • high temperature;
  • pain in the lower abdomen and back;
  • discoloration and odor of urine;
  • swelling;
  • general intoxication and even death.
  • Dietary supplements against kidney diseases will help prevent inflammation, the formation of calculi, and the development of neoplasms. The balanced composition of vitamins and natural ingredients helps to cleanse the blood and eliminate toxins. Prevention is your body's best helper.

Major kidney diseases

Natural herbal medicines for the genitourinary system are used in the treatment and prevention of such pathologies:

  1. Pyelonephritis, pyelitis, cystitis. These are inflammatory diseases that are more common in women and are associated with a short urethra. But there are such problems among the stronger sex. The causes of the inflammation can be irregular urination, inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system, bowel pathology, weakening of the immune system, and diabetes mellitus. For men, the prostate adenoma is also a provocative factor. Supplements for the kidneys will help maintain the health of the genitourinary system. They slow down and prevent pathological processes, and contribute to a speedy recovery.
  2. Urolithiasis, uric acid diathesis. These pathologies are accompanied by a change in the composition of urine, which leads to the formation of calculi or stones. To prevent their appearance, you should regularly take herbs for the kidneys and herbal remedies based on them.
  3. Metabolic nephropathy. This disease is accompanied by edema, increased urine density, and can lead to kidney failure. The main cause of nephropathy is considered to be a violation of metabolic processes, provoked by diabetes mellitus. When deciding what to drink to prevent kidney problems and kidney problems, you should also take care of the health of the endocrine system.
  4. Neoplasms. The etymology of the appearance of tumors includes a lot of factors that could trigger the pathological division of atypical cells. For prevention, it is worth taking drugs that cleanse the kidneys. They will help eliminate toxins from the body and improve overall well-being. Also, such funds reduce the risk of developing oncology.

Dietary supplements for kidney disease are used both to prevent the development of many pathologies and as an additional element in the treatment of diseases. They improve urine excretion, normalize its composition, and eliminate many provocateurs.

Complex dietary supplements for kidneys NEW LIFE

To obtain the most concentrated extracts from plants, our company uses a proprietary extraction method.

Therefore, dietary supplements for the kidneys in tablets, soft and hard capsules, elixirs, and extracts are easy to digest and are highly effective.

Renal preparations and elixirs from our store have a complex effect on the genitourinary system and the body as a whole:

  • normalization of the endocrine system, stabilization of the hormonal background;
  • purification of blood from residues of urea and uric acid;
  • means for the kidneys contribute to the rapid elimination of salts and sand;
  • reduction of inflammatory processes;
  • elimination of edema;
  • improvement of the general condition of the body.

Also, the products solve the problem of how to cleanse the kidneys and bladder from excess salts. Dietary supplements normalize the composition of urine, and delicately remove pathological inclusions that have already accumulated.

Active natural supplements and herbal remedies for kidney disease

New Life uses the best formulas to produce effective and safe herbal products. Natural dietary supplements for the kidneys are internationally certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 systems, which confirms their quality. An additional advantage will be the use of unique extraction technology. This increases the concentration of nutrients.

The most popular among clients are the following drugs that improve kidney function from our catalog:

  1. Nephroflor, healthy kidney elixir, extracts of parsley root, birch. These are natural vitamins for the kidneys, which reduce inflammation and have a diuretic effect. Such products are effective in the treatment of infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.
  2. Extracts of Nettle, Yarrow. Anti-inflammatory and hemostatic drugs to improve kidney function are relevant when the blood appears in the urine. They are prescribed for hematuric pyelonephritis, hemorrhagic cystitis, and renal colic.
  3. Amber formula. If you are looking for herbal remedies for the kidneys that prevent stone formation, it is worth choosing one. It effectively removes waste products from the renal pelvis and also normalizes the biochemical composition of the blood.

Natural herbs and kidney extracts have a systemic effect on the body. Such funds normalize well-being, restore the balance of strength and energy.

Buy drugs to improve the functioning of the genitourinary system NEW LIFE in the official online store

We have created a comfortable environment for online shopping and sales. Clients receive not only high-quality herbal remedies for kidney treatment but also ready-made tools for running MLM business.

This is a profitable cashback, a functional online store, high-quality products, and online advertising.

To buy dietary supplements and phytopreparations from us, just go through a short registration. At the same time, you will appreciate the following benefits from cooperation:

  • payment upon receipt;
  • the ability to pick up the goods by self - we have more than 800 representative offices in the country;
  • high quality, confirmed by certificates for ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 systems.

NEW LIFE is a complex of possibilities for the beginning of a New Life. Choose high-quality, alcohol-free, and sugar-free supplements to take care of your own health.