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Natural detergents and cleaners New Life

Standard household chemicals often cause irritation and dry skin, as it contains aggressive components. Therefore, dermatologists recommend the use of organic detergents in everyday life and in a professional kitchen. After all, they are safe and effective.

High-quality natural cleaners and detergents differ from standard household chemicals in such parameters:

  1. Active substances. Traditional powders and gels use ammonia, chlorine, ammonia and hydrochloric acid. Ecological detergents eliminate pollution thanks to plant and lactic acids. They do not contain harmful and toxic substances.
  2. Phosphates and surfactants. These elements dry and irritate the skin. Therefore, it is worth choosing phosphate-free liquid detergents.
  3. Flavors and preservatives. Natural cleaners do not contain silicones, benzenes, formaldehydes and synthetics.
  4. Concentration. Due to the balanced composition, chlorine-free and chemical-free detergents are economically consumed and cleaned well.
  5. Security. Hypoallergenic detergents are non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin. They do not cause responses in both adults and children.

Order neutral detergents with delivery is in the online store New Life. It is a manufacturer of organic cosmetics. We use a special extraction technique. Therefore, phosphate-free detergents are highly effective. Quality is guaranteed and confirmed by international certificates for ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 systems.

Safety and environmental friendliness of natural detergents

The absence of side effects is extremely important. Therefore, detergents without chemicals are in demand. After all, their main advantage is hypoallergenicity. But why do standard products often provoke a response, and organic products never? It's all in the composition. After all, bio-detergents do not contain such harmful substances:

  1. Synthetic surfactants. These are surfactants that are made from refined products and petrochemical synthesis. High-quality bio-cleaning products do not contain them. Especially dangerous is the anionic group of surfactants. This is a real poison that can lead to damage to the lungs, liver, urinary system and brain. Also, surface-active components suppress the immune system and cause allergies. It is safer to choose detergents without surfactants.
  2. Chlorine. It is extremely toxic and dangerous, and even in small amounts can lead to chemical burns to the skin and respiratory tract. Therefore, chlorine-free cleaners are more popular with conscious housewives. Even in small concentrations that are allowed in household chemicals, Cl can lead to allergies, damage to the cardiovascular system, spoil the skin and hair, provoke anemia and hypertension, and also increase the risk of developing malignant neoplasms. Therefore, be vigilant and choose chlorine-free detergents.

Chlorine and surfactants aggressively affect the skin, which can lead to dryness, tightness, rashes and ulcerations. The phosphate-free cleaning products from the New Life company will help to avoid such effects. They are hypoallergenic and attractive at a reasonable price: from 230 UAH. for 1 liter

Organic Detergents

The catalog contains safe substances. These are environmentally friendly cleaners to remove contaminants from various surfaces. They are suitable for the kitchen, floor, dishes, washing and cleaning. The most popular among customers are such non-aggressive detergents:

  1. Universal cleaning gel cream. It belongs to the group: natural non-alkaline detergents. The complex composition with natural active substances (white clay and calcium carbonate) makes cleaning as simple and effective as possible. Like other natural chlorine-free toilet detergents, cream gel is suitable for treating any surface: tile, tile, sink, dishes, stove, etc. It is a universal home cleaner with a disinfecting effect.
  2. Stain remover. It is a safe washing solution. After all, detergents without chlorine and phosphates do not damage the fabric, gently removing stains and restoring brightness. The stain remover is suitable for hand washing and for use in washing machines. These environmentally friendly cleaning products can be used to remove stains from white and colored laundry.
  3. Detergent for dishes. The natural composition is easily washed off without covering the utensils with a specific film. Harmless detergents have an antibacterial effect and effectively eliminate even dried fat. The active ingredients also gently care for the skin.
  4. Liquid detergent for colored items. The composition delicately cares about the integrity of the fabric fibers and retains color well. Concentrated environmental cleaning and cleaning products prevent scale in the washing machine, extending the life of the appliance. An additional benefit will be the unique softness of the materials after washing.
  5. Liquid detergent for white things. As the active component, oxygen is used. Such bio detergents return things to whiteness, eliminate stains and prevent the accumulation of harmful deposits in the fibers of the fabric.

It is easy to buy detergents without surfactants and phosphates in the New Life store for cleaning, washing and removing dirt. Now you can maintain cleanliness with safety for your own health.

Buy harmless detergents and cleaners without chemicals in the official online store New Life

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Having chosen New Life cleaning and washing detergents, you will appreciate such pleasant moments:

  • delivery;
  • only safe cleaners without alkali, surfactants, chlorine and ammonia;
  • cash and cashless payments;
  • cashback from your own purchases, as an additional savings;
  • hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly detergents without alcohol, sugar and silicones;
  • balanced composition and application of special extraction technology, which provides beneficial effects on the skin.

Want to buy phosphate-free detergents with a safe composition? Contact! Start a new eco-life with New Life.