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Short description, Indications:

The phosphate-free and hypoallergenic formula of the concentrated detergent is designed for white and light-coloured clothes. The active product ingredients ensure high-quality washing, preserve the fabrics structure, return a radiant whiteness to white clothes, soften fabrics and give them a pleasant odour. The detergent is suitable for laundry washers and for hand washing, it keeps the water soft and protects the washing machines from scum and limescale.

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1000 ml


Ingredients/INCI: aqua, C12-C18 fatty alcohol ethoxylate, propylene glycol, sodium chloride, sodium laureth sulfate, diethanolamine, caprylyl & decyl & lauryl glucoside, citric acid, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower extract, salvia officinalis (sage) leaf extract, amylase, protease, sodium tetraborate, distyryl biphenyl derivative, parfum, disodium EDTA, colorant, phenoxyethanol.


add the liquid detergent to the suitable compartment of the washing machine or use it for hand washing. For gross stains, pour the detergent over the stain, leave it for 10-15 minutes, rub and then wash. The dosage of the detergent depends on the water hardness and the impurities degree:

  • for a washing machine (for 2.5 kg of wash): 1 cap. For more dirty laundry: 1.5-2 caps.

  • for hand washing, depending on dirtiness, 1-2 caps for 5 litres of water (1 cap = 20 ml).

Store conditions:

24 months, at a temperature from + 5ºC to + 25ºC


individual intolerance to the components.

Vendor code:

Aqua/Demineralized water.

C12-C18 fatty alcohol ethoxylate/C12-C18 fatty alcohol ethoxylate – is non-ionic surfactant, which has good detergency, is a solvent, has good foaming and emulsifying effects.

Propylene glycol/Propylene glycol – is universal solvent, improves the cleaning effects of the detergent.

Sodium chloride/Sodium chloride – increases the effectiveness of the detergent, ensures the stability of the finished product.

Sodium laureth sulphate/Sodium laureth sulphate – is anionic surfactant, that improves foaming, has excellent cleansing effect, binds impurities forming micelles, thereby washing the textile fibres.

Diethanolamine/Diethanolamine – is an emulsifier and stabilizer, used as a solvent, has a cleansing effect.

Caprylyl/decyl/lauryl glucoside/Caprylyl/decyl/lauryl glucoside – is a non-ionic surfactant, which has a high detergent and impregnation effects, a dispersant and an emulsifier, effective even at low temperatures.

Citric acid/Citric acid – stabilizes the pH level in the finished product.

Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower extract/Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower extract – has an antiseptic and bactericidal effect, softens the tissue.

Salvia officinalis (sage) leaf extract/Salvia officinalis (sage) leaf extract – reduces the negative effect on the skin in contact with the detergent.

Amylase/Amylase – contributes to a high increase of the product detergency, removes various starch contaminants.

Protease/Protease – helps to remove contaminants containing protein: grass, blood, mucus, as well as a variety of food products, as it hydrolyses the protein that is the part of the contaminants, and forms peptides which are easily dissolved or dispersed in the cleaning solution.

Sodium tetraborate/Sodium tetraborate – softens water, prevents corrosion of metal parts and removes limescale from washing machine components and clothing.

Distyryl biphenyl derivative/Distyryl biphenyl derivative – improves the whiteness of the fabric, allows to maintain the whiteness effect with repeated washings, creates the effect of snow-white linen.

Parfum/Flavour – enhances the aroma of the finished product.

Disodium EDTA/Disodium EDTA – binds metals, softens water, increases foaming.

Colourant/Colourant – imparts colour to the finished product.

Phenoxyethanol/Antiseptic agent — increases the shelf life of the finished product. It has anti-fungal and antibacterial effects.

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