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Short description, Indications:

This light antiperspirant effectively protects against foul smells and sweat. The unique composition of natural ingredients regulates perspiration, effectively and permanently protects against unpleasant odours. Thanks to the high-quality formula, the deodorant leaves no residue, and the active ingredients promote skin healing and regeneration, as well as prevent inflammation, while maintaining the natural balance of delicate skin. The pleasant aroma of the deodorant will give you freshness and self-confidence for a long time.

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100 ml


Ingredients/INCI : aqua, aluminum hydroxychloride, propylene glycol, PEG- 40 hydrogenated castor oil, dexpanthenol, cetyl palmitate, tannin, beta-cyclodextrin, atropa belladonna extract, linum usitatissimum extract, сhamomilla recutita (matricaria) extract, centaurea extract, aloe extract, bidens tripartita extract, paeonia extract, quercus cortex extract, humulus extract, parfum, phenoxyethanol.


spray on the skin, placing the bottle vertically at a distance of 10-15 cm. Shake the bottle before use.

Store conditions:

24 months, at a temperature from +5°С to +25°С


individual intolerance to the components.

Vendor code:

Aqua/Demineralized water.

Linum usitatissimum extract/Flax extract – removes skin irritation, has a wound healing effect, helps to eliminate skin dryness and flaking, and also obviously increases skin elasticity and firmness due to its strengthening effect.

Сhamomilla recutita (matricaria) extract/Matricaria extract – has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, disinfectant, healing effects. It tones the skin, stimulates cell regeneration and improves capillary blood circulation. It soothes, softens and makes sensitive and irritated skin more elastic, eliminates its dryness and flaking.

Centaurea extract/Cornflower extract – has anti-inflammatory, tonic and regenerating effects.

Quercus cortex extractum/Oak bark extract – has antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory effects. It promotes skin regeneration, strengthens blood vessels and has an anti-fungal effect.

Aloe extract/Aloe extract – soothes the skin, accelerates wound healing, reduces scars, moisturizes and slows down skin aging.

Bidens tripartita extract/Three-lobe beggartick extract – has analgesic, soothing, anti-inflammatory and restorative effects. It promotes quick cell regeneration by activating metabolic processes.

Paeonia extract/Peony extract – has a regenerating effect, increases skin turgor and elasticity. It has regenerating and anti-inflammatory effects and saturates skin cells with essential vitamins and amino acids.

Humulus extract/Hop extract – has emollient, astringent, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Hops slows down cells aging, improves skin tone, enhances local blood circulation and lymph flow.

Atropa belladonna extract/Belladonna extract – is used as a wound healing agent in antiperspirants and in post-epilation products.

Tannin/Tannin — is a tanning substance found in many plants. It has an astringent, disinfectant and wound healing effect. Due to its protective property, tannin binds salts of heavy metals, protects the skin against adverse environmental impact.

Beta-cyclodextrin/Beta-cyclodextrin — absorbs foul smells, relieves skin inflammation and irritation, retains moisture in the skin.

Cetyl palmitate (spermacet)/Cetyl palmitate — is an indispensable product for skin softening and nourishing. It effectively promotes skin regeneration and has a protective effect.

Dexpanthenol/D-panthenol — is a pantothenic acid derivative of vitamin B5. It moisturizes, soothes the skin and relieves its irritation and itching. It has anti-aging and smoothing effects, regenerates and protects the skin.

PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil/PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil — has a good emollient effect. It forms a protective film on the skin, preventing excessive evaporation of moisture.

Propylene glycol/Propylene glycol — intensely moisturizes and softens the skin. It has bactericidal effect and allows to retain moisture on the skin surface. It promotes the penetration of active substances deep into the skin, saturating it with essential vitamins.

Phenoxyethanol/Antiseptic agent — increases the shelf life of the finished cosmetic product. It has antifungal and antibacterial effects.

Parfum/Flavour – improves the smell of finished product.

Aluminum hydroxychloride/Aluminum hydroxychloride — has antibacterial, deodorizing, disinfecting effects. It doesn’t clog pores, neutralizes smell-causing bacteria and naturally controls perspiration.

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