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Short description, Indications:

Proper cleansing is the basis of intimate hygiene, because it prevents the formation of pathogenic bacteria. The rich formula of an intimate hygiene gel with bisabolol and melaleuca and ylang-ylang essential oils has antifungal, antiseptic, soothing, deodorant and antibacterial effects, maintains the microflora in a normal state, nourishes and softens the skin without disturbing the natural physiological acid-base balance. Plant extracts in combination with succinic acid moisturize the skin, protecting it from drying out. The gel doesn’t contain aggressive substances, has a soft consistency and promotes delicate cleansing of the vaginal mucous, therefore it’s ideal for intimate body parts caring.

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200 ml


Ingredients/INCI : aqua, cocamidopropyl betaine, disodium cocoamphodiacetate, acrylates/palmeth-25 acrylate copolymer, PEG-200 hydrogenated glyceryl palmate, PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate, succinic acid, bisabolol, glycerin, citrullus vulgaris seed oil, betula oil, hippophae rhamnoides oil, cananga odorata oil, melaleuca alternifolia oil, hypericum perforatum (st. john's wort) extract, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, salvia officinalis (sage) leaf extract, camellia sinensis extract, calendula officinalis L. extract, citric acid, disodium EDTA, diethanolamine, triethanolamine, phenoxyethanol.


apply a small amount of gel to intimate body areas and rinse thoroughly with the water.

Store conditions:

24 months, at a temperature from + 5ºC to + 25ºC.


individual intolerance to the components.

Vendor code:

Aqua/Demineralized water.

Bisabolol/Bisabolol – has antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects on the skin, soothes it, relieves its irritation and flaking.

Glycerin/Glycerine – moisturizes the skin, softens and makes it silky and protects it from the negative external factors. It contributes to the normal vital activity of epidermal cells.

Citrullus vulgaris seed oil/Watermelon seed oil – restores the elasticity of the skin and has a beneficial effect on the hydrolipid barrier.

Betula oil/Birch oil – has anti-inflammatory, wound-healing effects, relieves itching and irritation, improves skin tone.

Hippophae rhamnoides oil/Sea buckthorn oil – helps to restore the skin after lesions, has softening effect.

Cananga odorata oil/Yang yang essential oil – helps to restore the skin, moisturizes and deodorizes it, and ameliorates the smell of a cosmetic product.

Melaleuca alternifolia oil/Tea tree essential oil – is an excellent antiseptic and strong anti-inflammatory agent, which eliminates irritation, itching and redness, disinfects the skin.

Hypericum perforatum (st. john's wort) extract/St. John's wort extract – has antibacterial, antiseptic and general tonic effects.

Chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract/Chamomilla extract – helps to restore the skin, has a soothing, anti-inflammatory, healing effects.

Salvia officinalis (sage) leaf extract/Sage extract – has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects, it prevents the development of pathogenic bacteria due to its antibacterial effects.

Camellia sinensis extract/Grin tea extract – is a plant antioxidant which enhances the protective effects of the skin, has a bactericidal effect, improves microcirculation in tissues and strengthens the walls of the smallest vessels, activates blood circulation, supplies cells with oxygen.

Calendula officilalis l. extract/Calendula extract – has an antibacterial, wound healing, softening, analgesic and protective effects, tones and moisturizes the skin.

Cocamidopropyl betaine/Cocamidopropyl betaine – is a mild amphoteric surfactant, non-irritating to the skin, has conditioning and antistatic effects.

Disodium cocoamphodiacetate/Disodium cocoamphodiacetate – is a mild amphoteric surfactant, which gently and effectively cleanses the skin.

Acrylates/palmeth-25 acrylate copolymer/acrylate copolymer – is a thickening agent that ensures the stability of the finished cosmetic product.

PEG-200 hydrogenated glyceryl palmate (and) PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate/PEG-200 hydrogenated glyceryl palmate – has cleansing, emulsifying and dissolving effects.

Succinic acid/Succinic acid – has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects, deeply cleanses the skin and contributes to the saturation of cells with oxygen.

Citric acid/Citric acid – cleanses the skin and removes loose cells, normalizes the skin pH, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Disodium EDTA/Disodium EDTA – binds metals, softens water, increases foaming.

Diethanolamine/Diethanolamine – is a solvent, dispersant and emulsifier.

Triethanolamine/Triethanolamine – is neutralizing agent, which improves the stability of the cosmetic product.

Phenoxyethanol/Antiseptic agent – increases the shelf life of the finished cosmetic product. It has anti-fungal and antibacterial effects.

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