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Short description, Indications:

Instant nourishing formula of the cream was specially formulated to soften the rough skin areas. Organic passion fruit and papaya oils, in combination with the rice bran wax, gently envelop, moisturize and soften the skin, accelerating the process of healing of cracked heels and helping to remove the thickened stratum corneum. Borage oil, shea butter and sea buckthorn oil effectively nourish the skin, restore its elasticity and help to cope with excessive dryness of the skin. Complex of vitamins F, E and D-panthenol maintain water-lipid balance, have a calming effect, relieve inflammation, irritation and flaking of the skin. Verbena essential oil exhibits deodorizing properties. Foot cream, with its carefully selected formula, effectively refreshes, relieves fatigue and tension of feet. Unique foot cream of the healing composition is a perfect means to complete the pedicure procedure.

NEW LIFE ➤ FOOT CREAM for Dry Feet and Cracked Heels ✿ Natural Organic Cosmetics New Life ✿ Eco Composition ✔ Unique Discount System ✿ Order and Become a Partner!

50 ml


Ingredients/INCI : aqua, chelidonium majus extract, calendula officinalis L. extract, salix alba bark extract, tagetes patula flower extract, propolis extract, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), hippophae rhamnoides oil, glyceryl stearate, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, hydrogenated polyisobutene, dexpanthenol, ceto stearyl alcohol, sodium acrylates copolymer (and) paraffinum liquidum (and) PPG-1 trideceth-6, glycerin, passion fruit seed oil, carica papaya seed oil, borago officinalis seed oil, rice bran wax, beeswax, linoleic acid, tocopheryl acetate, verbena officinalis oil, parfum, phenoxyethanol.


Apply the cream with light massage movements on dry and clean skin of feet. For the better effect, put on socks after applying the cream at night.

Store conditions:

24 months, at the temperature from +5°С to +25°C


individual intolerance to components.

Vendor code:

Aqua/Demineralized water.

Passion fruit seed oil/Passion fruit oil — is indispensable for dry and dehydrated skin. When applied to the skin, it forms a thin film, which, on the one hand, prevents moisture loss, and on the other hand, allows the skin to breathe. Antioxidant vitamins contained in the oil prevent the premature aging of the skin, protecting it from the negative impact of environmental factors. The oil perfectly restores the protective lipid layer, vitaminize the skin and improves its elasticity. It has a beneficial effect on the inflamed and irritated skin.

Сarica papaya seed oil/Papaya oil — due to its unique fatty acid composition, has the excellent emollient properties; it is well absorbed by the skin, removes dead cells from the skin surface, soothes the skin, making it soft and tender, moisturizes and softens the skin.

Borago officinalis seed oil/Borage oil — is known for its medicinal and anti-aging properties, due to the presence of high concentration of fatty acids strengthening the epidermal barrier. Borage oil heals cracks on the skin, stimulates renewal of epidermal cells, helping to cope with dry skin, improving moisture-retaining capacity and restoring elasticity of the skin.

Hippophae rhamnoides oil/Sea buckthorn oil — has the analgesic and bactericidal effect and promotes rapid healing of the various skin lesions. It has vitaminizing and healing properties, softens the skin and improves its elasticity, effectively reduces inflammation and redness of the skin, moisturizes, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin.

Butyrospermum parkii (shea butter)/Shea butter — exhibits regenerating and restoring properties, as well as the ability to influence the synthesis of collagen fibers in the skin, which are responsible for its firmness and elasticity. Shea butter perfectly protects the skin from moisture loss, wind- and freeze burn, deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin, being a good emollient. Bactericidal and wound-healing properties of the shea butter make it indispensable in the fight against skin diseases and in the care of damaged skin. Shea butter promotes healing of burns, wounds and cracks, and stimulates the resorption of scars.

Rice bran wax/Rice bran wax — has the ability to retain moisture, forming a thin hygroscopic film on the skin, which prevents water loss. The wax prevents skin aging and maintains its elasticity.

Salix alba bark extract/Willow bark extract — provides gentle and effective exfoliation without irritation of the sensitive skin. Gentle exfoliation removes the dead skin cells, promoting the formation of new skin with youthful-looking appearance. This extract helps to get rid of roughness.

Chelidonium majus extract/Celandine extract — contains a number of unique alkaloids exhibiting anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. Celandine relieves inflammation, redness, flaking and dryness of the skin. The extract has anti-allergic effect, heals minor abrasions, softens and disinfects the skin.

Tagetes patula flower extract/tagetes powder extract — has a softening effect on rough skin areas, eliminates the feeling of tight and dry skin.

Calendula officinalis L. extract/Calendula extract — owing to its excellent nourishing and vitaminizing properties, improves the skin health, making the skin soft and healthy. The extract accelerates tissue regeneration, heals cracks and wounds, protects skin cells from damage and premature destruction, and revitalizes the skin cover.

Propolis extract/Propolis extract — possesses bactericidal, antiseptic, and antifungal properties. Propolis accelerates the regenerative ability of cells and tissues, normalizes production of collagen fibers and elastin, strengthens capillary walls, relieves pain, eliminates the symptoms of inflammatory reactions, improves blood circulation and overall skin tone.

Beeswax/Beeswax — possesses emollient, nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties. Products based on beeswax have a beneficial effect on the skin and contribute to the rapid healing of various skin lesions. Beeswax forms a protective waxy film on the skin, significantly slowing down the process of dehydration and aging of the skin, making it soft, smooth and elastic.

Dexapanthenol/D-panthenol — is B-group vitamin, which moisturizes, soothes the skin, and relieves irritation and itching. It possesses wound-healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging properties, restores and protects the skin.

Tocopheryl acetate/Vitamin Е — is an antioxidant with pronounced anti-aging properties. It accelerates cell renewal, softens the skin, and promotes healing of wounds and cracks. Vitamin E inhibits the process of skin photoaging, helps to get rid of dry skin maintaining water-lipid balance, solves the problem of scars, has a calming effect, and relieves inflammation, irritation and flaking of the skin.

Linoleic acid/Vitamin F — helps to restore the lipid balance of the skin and to form its protective barrier; softens the rough, dry and cracked skin.

Verbena officinalis oil/Verbena essential oil — increases the cell turgor, softens and smoothes the skin, and has a pronounced vitaminizing effect. Verbena is a natural deodorant, which helps to eliminate the excessive perspiration and creates long-lasting pleasant body odor.

Cetostearyl alcohol/Cetostearyl alcohol — is a plant-based ingredient, which is used for improvement of the product texture. It retains moisture and normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands. 

PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil/PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil — produces good softening effect and forms a protective film on the skin, preventing excessive evaporation of moisture.

Hydrogenated polyisobutene/Hydrogenated polyisobutene — is all-purpose cosmetic and pharmaceutical base oil with pleasantly tactile, spreading, penetrating and waterproofing properties. It is an emollient with moisturizing and moisture repellent effect, which gives a silky feel to the skin.

Glyceryl stearate/Glyceryl stearate — moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft and elastic. It forms a protective breathable film on the skin surface, protecting it from the negative external factors, and soothes the irritated skin.

Glycerin/Glycerin — strengthens the protective barrier of the skin, promotes the retaining of moisture in the skin layers and protects the skin from harmful chemical compounds. It also stimulates the exfoliation of dead skin cells.

Phenoxyethanol/Antiseptic agent — increases the shelf life of the finished cosmetic product; exhibits anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

Sodium acrylates copolymer (and) paraffinum liquidum (and) PPG-1 trideceth-6/Аcrylate copolymer — provides stability of the finished cosmetic product.

Parfum/Flavour — improves the odor of the finished cosmetic product.

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